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Our firm prides itself in offering top notch interior designing services. Our products and services run a gamut from home decor to office furnishings, False ceiling to Vertical gardening we provide you with:

Interior Design

Design is our passion! Our team of creative interior designers work with you to realize the home of your dreams. We work with different styles – Classical, Fusion, Modern, Industrial – to deliver a home you can be proud of. We help you visualise your dream home with help of Cutting edge tehcnologies like VR/AR , 3D Designs and Many more Photo references from our Design Bank, helping you to visualize your dream home close to reality.

Home Decor

Home decor items are the best way to ensure that you can inject your personality into your home and make everything look like a reflection of who you are. We help you get achieve special space with Home Decor personalised to space.


Wide range of services which we are offering to the customers that include the Customized Bedroom Interior which are high on demand in the market and we are offering price at Best service with cost effective rates in chennai. We are carrying out by well trained professionals design and we are carrying out as per the choice of the customers

Bedroom Furniture Installing high quality fitted furniture in your bedroom can help you in increasing the value of your home like the fitted Bedroom Furniture in its other parts. People who look for storage space in their bedroom usually prefer buy customized fitted wardrobes as an investment for their home. Bedroom Furniture You can find wide r

Modular Kitchens

A well designed modular kitchen adds a fresh outlook to the style of your home.  kitchens are aesthetically designed to fulfil individual needs and adapt to available space.  You can also schedule an appointment with our experts who will work with you to understand your lifestyle, and design the kitchen which is functional and fun to use for your Cooking Hobby ideas.

Customised Furniture

Custom made furniture helps you transform your unique furniture ideas into functional and durable additions to your room space. At Wooden Street, the customized furniture provides you added benefits of longevity and flexibility in terms of material, design, dimensions and finish. You can get the best custom furniture designs developed into classy yet fitting accessories for your interiors as well as outdoors.

Buying online custom furniture in India offers you an excellent opportunity to transform your ideas into reality. You will have enough space to play around with the designs and styles of wooden products. Browse our site, shar

Ceramic planters

We bring you a collection of an artisan and not a craftsman alone. We are a one-stop shop for an aesthetic range of designer pots and accessories for your garden and living room. A wide variety ofterracotta, earthenware and art pottery of all sizes and texture are a part of our exciting and varied collection.Solely created of all things natural, line of pots & interior accessories is sans plastic or anything synthetic.

3D visualization / AR/ VR

Imagine a sales process where prospective clients enter and walk through a home interior so that they might experience and decide upon tile, hardware, floor coverings, and appliances before the building is constructed. The furniture fits perfectly, the colors beautifully complement each other, and the views through the windows are as unbelievable as you hoped they would be. That world is now a reality – a virtual reality (VR). VR is about to change interior design forever, and everyone stands poised to win as it does.

So much of the interior design process is trying to explain your vision and, by extension, yourself. Interior design in virtual reality lets designer and client bri

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